baking+biscuit international 06-2015

baking+biscuit international 06-2015:

published in December 2015

From the content:
+ Twin-arm mixer: Dough-making like by hand
+ Production: Exemplary Slovak entrepreneurs
+ Cookies & Snacks: Trends and developments

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 2015-06 01 Title (99.2 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2015-06

 2015-06 02 Editorial (405.1 KiB)

When problems turn into opportunities
For the baking industry 2015 was a year with interesting events like the iba. However, 2015 was also a year of challenges for industries, including but not limited to the baking sector.

 2015-06 04 Content (101.3 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 06-2015

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 2015-06 05 News (167.9 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2015-06 06 Basic principles remain (164.3 KiB)

Basic principles remain
Technology changes, basic principles remain – this has been the motto ever since the Austrian engineering company König was founded in 1966. After a 31-year career at König, Executive Director DI Richard Häusler will retire in late February 2016 at the end of König’s financial year 2015/16. Wolfgang Staufer, who has now been with the company for more than two years, will take over as his successor.

 2015-06 08 For quality and effect (370.6 KiB)

For quality and effect
Building complete small bakeries in retail shops is not a question of cost calculation, but it certainly is an economic decision for product quality and image.

Review: "Innovations"
A wide variety of European research establishments present the latest results in the “Innovations” reference manual, e.g. how pulsed light can extent the shelf life of baked products or how simulation tools can be used to optimize baking processes. Baking industry companies display innovations from the areas of machine construction and raw materials in a variety of company profiles. 
The book can be ordered here.

 2015-06 10 Dough-making like by hand (414.6 KiB)

Dough-making like by hand
Double-arm mixers, also called twin-arm mixers, are a continuation of kneading by hand. Two mixing arms are moved at the upper end in a circle positioned vertically relative to the bowl.

 2015-06 14 Scorpion for bread and buns (414.5 KiB)

Scorpion for bread and buns
At the iba 2015, Reading Thermal featured new oven profiling solutions developed specifically for tunnel ovens in the bread and bun industry.

 2015-06 18 Homemade Vitamin D (268.9 KiB)

Homemade Vitamin D
Vitamin-D-Yeast is produced not by adding vitamin but by the yeast making it itself under the influence of UV light. The vitamin is stable in baking and storage, and the yeast is approved as a Novel Food on both sides of the Atlantic.

 2015-06 20 A firm grip on germs (863.3 KiB)

A firm grip on germs
At the Fischer Brot GmbH, Austria, with production sites in Linz, Pichling and Markgrafneusiedl, the internal quality management system ensures sustained product quality.

 2015-06 22 Sweets and Snacks Top Trends 2015 (430.5 KiB)

Cookies & Snacks
Sweets & Snacks: Top Trends 2015
Innova Market Insights determined the Top Ten Trends* for Sweets & Snacks based on the claims on the packs. Here is a selection of the results.

 2015-06 24 Developments for cookies etc (555.8 KiB)

Cookies & Snacks
Developments for cookies etc
Healthy, regional, high quality – these are some of the trends that are boosting the market for cookies etc., especially in the industrialized countries. However, mini-format pastries and single portion packs also rank very high in the demand.

 2015-06 28 Does the future lie in 3D printing (361.8 KiB)

Cookies & Snacks
Does the future lie in 3D printing?
The Research Group Cereal Process Engineering headed by Prof. Thomas Becker at Technische Universität München is researching the opportunities to use a 3D printer to print foodstuffs. The process seems to be very promising, mainly in the manufacture of cookies. Isabelle Bernklau, a Research Associate and PhD student in the Research Group, explains why.

 2015-06 30 Bread in Europe part 2 (339.5 KiB)

Bread in Europe
European consumers’ opinions on the subject of bread. Part 2: Maarja Naan in Tallinn, Estonia, Chris in Limassol, Cyprus, and Georgi in Sofia, Bulgaria

 2015-06 32 Pizza competence center (271.9 KiB)

Pizza competence center
The Kaak Group has set up a competence center in ’s-Hertogenbosch for the industrial production of pizza. The first pizza demo days will take place there in early 2016.

 2015-06 34 Exemplary Slovak entrepreneurs (433.1 KiB)

Exemplary Slovak entrepreneurs
Among entrepreneurs in the Slovak baking industry, Jozef Oremus is certainly one of the best-known. Not only through his association work for Slovak bakers but also as a result of his ideas and concepts as an entrepreneur. After expanding his production operation with new lines, Oremus now wants to enlarge his product range as well.

 2015-06 38 Modern control technology in the process industry (696.9 KiB)

Modern control technology in the process industry – functions, current developments and trends
Control technology, the technology to control and operate processes, is today intrinsically connected to the concept of process control systems in automation engineering.

 2015-06 44 More transparency-greater efficiency (214.0 KiB)

More transparency - greater efficiency
Whether it’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System), maintenance management or energy management: the more differentiated the data that is determined, the more precise are the decisions that can be made based on this data. This is exemplified by the expanded use of ProLeiT’s Plant iT software in the Glockenbrot Bakery in Frankfurt.

 2015-06 46 Software supports growth (186.6 KiB)

IT Solutions
Software supports growth
For years the Polish baked goods producer AK Otrębusy has been successfully expanding. The growing success also entailed increasing requirements on the industry software.

 2015-06 48 Final baking with a new infrared (258.0 KiB)

Workshop Visit
Final baking with a new infrared
RPE.InfraTherm GmbH, Lichtenberg/Germany, specializes in developing, producing and marketing services and products for infrared systems. A possible application has now been used in the WP Bakerygroup’s new ITES oven, which was presented at the iba.

 2015-06 50 Adapting flexibly to market requirements (193.2 KiB)

Adapting flexibly to market requirements
As company owner Spiro Sayegh faced the challenge of developing a line for an entirely new packaging for his company International Delights’ bakery products, the Gerhard Schubert GmbH proved to be the perfect partner.

 2015-06 52 The rapid way tp implement trends (305.4 KiB)

The rapid way to implement trends
The Prospector® database supports product development with comprehensive, easy to access information about ingredients and suppliers

 2015-06 55 Development of new low-trans-fatty acid deep-frying fats part 2 (170.0 KiB)

Development of new low-trans-fatty acid deep-frying fats – part 2
Deep-frying fats containing high levels of trans-fatty acids that are a potential health hazard are still in use in artisan bakeries. The acceptance for virtually TFA-free alternatives has been low because they differ considerably from the partially hydrogenated peanut oil normally used. Current research data show that high-oleic vegetable oils blended with other solid (TFA-free) vegetable fat have desirable technofunctional* as well as sensory properties.

 2015-06 58 Some accompaniment on the journey (310.3 KiB)

Some accompaniment on the journey
Markus Messemer is a fully qualified baker, wholesale and export merchant and educationalist. He is also a self-taught computer program developer. He uses his knowledge to support companies as a coach.

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