baking+biscuit international 06-2014

baking+biscuit international 06-2014:

published in December 2014

From the content:
+ Buns and toast lines: Bread for Dubai and Expo 2020
+ Packaging systems: More than just checkweighing
+ Sodium chloride: Reducing the sodium content in baked products
+ Workshop visit: At Rademakers BV in the Netherlands

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 2014-06 01 Title (127.8 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2014-05

 2014-06 02 Editorial (396.8 KiB)

Unsettled prospects
Meteorologists like to talk of unsettled prospects when they are uncertain whether tomorrow will be rainy or the sun will shine. If I look at the prospects for the baking sector and its surroundings, it’s no longer possible to speak of unsettled prospects for all. Instead all that can now be seen is individual prospects, since not only bakeries but also machinery builders and raw materials suppliers are developing so differently…

 2014-06 04 Content (101.1 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 06-2014
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 2014-06 05 News (599.7 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2014-06 08 Automated production of crusty rolls (503.4 KiB)

Automated production of crusty rolls
The newly developed crusty roll module for WP Kemper’s PANE bread roll line is the automated solution to producing the special rustic products in artisan quality but without great expense. 

 2014-06 10 Bread for Dubai and the Expo 2020 (770.2 KiB)

Bread for Dubai and the Expo 2020
In future the Al Rashed Group in Saudi Arabia will supply the Dubai market from a new production facility on the outskirts of the desert city. The toast and bun lines there were built by Mecatherm.

 2014-06 15 Risk assessment for baking enzymes (110.6 KiB)

Risk assessment for baking enzymes – Submission deadline date is imminent
Brussels has taken up the subject of food enzymes. This news is nothing new for the baking sector, since the relevant EU Enzyme Regulation 1332/2008 has actually already been in force in principle since January 2009. It has therefore been clear for a long time now that enzymes…

 2014-06 16 Round molding with a molding bar (742.6 KiB)

Round molding with a molding bar
Rondo’s BrotStar long and round molder operates with a molding bar that round-molds the breads almost as if by hand. 

 2014-06 18 Workshop-Visit Rademaker BV Culemborg (655.7 KiB)

Workshop visit
Rademaker BV, Culemborg
Our first Workshop Visit took us into the assembly sheds of the Dutch dough sheeting and laminating line specialists, Rademaker BV in Culemborg. 

 2014-06 22 Baking with Soya (1.6 MiB)

Baking with soya
Soya products, which are known to be an important source of vegetable protein, are obtained from soya beans. Their use in baked goods is becoming increasingly popular due to their health-promoting and technological-functional properties. 

 2014-06 24 Effective IT support (284.9 KiB)

Effective IT support
Lead-in text: Nothing is possible nowadays without IT, but the company’s “nervous system” is breakdown-prone. Automated IT support that can access constantly growing knowledge data bases helps increase availability and efficiency.

 2014-06 30 ARGRU plans further growth (275.9 KiB)

Company portrait
ARGRU plans further growth
The ARGRU Boulangerie S.A.S. in Erstein-Krafft, France, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its foundation, and the company wants to expand further. It plans to start operating the fourth production already next year.

 2014-06 32 More than just checkweighing (711.4 KiB)

More than just checkweighing
Weighing and detection systems support quality assurance and data management for product documentation and traceability.

 2014-06 36 The future prints bread (366.1 KiB)

The future prints bread
Researchers plan to use a 3D printer to create a standardized reproduction of bread crumb to selectively manufacture specific crumb textures and haptic perceptions.

 2014-06 38 Precision work for discerning clients (336.9 KiB)

Precision work for discerning clients
A large proportion of the baked products that take off from German ground in aircraft cabins comes from the LSG Sky Chefs bakery. 

 2014-06 40 Mold release agents in the bakery (450.3 KiB)

Mold release agents in the bakery
Release agents are invisible helpers with a visible effect. In the baking industry they are helpful against stickiness and adhesion. 

 2014-06 44 Sodium content in baked products (804.4 KiB)

Sodium content in baked products
Discussion of the use of table salt in foods has been protracted and is currently lively as well. Therefore TUM indicates possible ways to reduce the amount of NaCl in baked products. 
[hier haben die Referenzen nicht mehr reingepasst und sollen ins Netz – kannst du das bitte einstellen? Richtige Zusatzinfos sind das ja nicht, aber ich wüsste auch nicht, wohin sonst…]

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 2014-06 50 Partner for a healthy future (324.4 KiB)

Partner for a healthy future
IGV GmbH, Nuthetal, Germany, with more than 100 employees, develops innovative products, plants and processes to customers’ orders. Baking industry companies are supported in their innovation projects with advice, training and project management. 

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