baking+biscuit international 05-2015

baking+biscuit international 05-2015:

published in October 2015

From the content:
+ Organizations: A new future for FEDIMA
+ Dough production: A little bit more sophisticated
+ Lavash bread: New plant technology for Iran

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 2015-05 01 Title (116.1 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2015-05

 2015-05 02 Editorial (495.6 KiB)

The iba 2015 – a milestone
The international bakery exhibition has existed since 1949, and it has taken 66 years to make it the perfect exhibition we experienced in Munich in mid-September.

 2015-05 04 Content (105.3 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 05-2015

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 2015-05 05 News (144.0 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2015-05 06 Expansion completed (470.5 KiB)

Expansion completed
After full renovation and the construction of a new production line, the Délifrance factory in Romans sur Isère is back on the network with a capacity of 60,000 t.p.a.

 2015-05 10 A little bit more sophisticated (281.6 KiB)

A little bit more sophisticated
Codos has established itself internationally when it’s a question of continuous dough production. Zeppelin presented two exciting extras at the iba, one before and one after the energy input.

 2015-05 12 TUM Project Announcements (328.4 KiB)

TUM Project Announcements
The Cereal Process Engineering Research Group at the Institute of Brewing and Beverage Technology plans to submit two new research project proposals to the Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI) in late November as Industrial Community Research and Development (IGF) projects.

 2015-05 14 Side by side (225.2 KiB)

Side by side
Diosna took over IsernHäger at the turn of the year 2014/2015. The company’s gain through this was not even 10 % of its own turnover, but the combination of a mixer manufacturer and a sponge dough specialist has potential. Have the expectations been fulfilled? Henrik Oevermann, CFO and Head of the Bakery Division at DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne GmbH, has the answers.

 2015-05 16 The new model (712.3 KiB)

The new model
The WP BAKERYGROUP showed the prototype of the SOFT STAR CTi divider-rounder at the iba 2012. The company has now presented the fully redesigned series production model at the iba 2015. The drive and dough processing areas have now been fully separated from one another in the new divider-rounder plant.

 2015-05 20 A bread roll line with a comprehensive hygiene concept (263.7 KiB)

A bread roll line with a comprehensive hygiene concept
With its new industrial line, König aims to satisfy the demands for maintenance-free, easy-clean bread roll lines with maximum service life.

 2015-05 22 Refurbish or replace (161.1 KiB)

Tins and pans
Refurbish or replace?
To refurbish or replace coated trays – that’s no longer just a question of materials or price but also of sustainability.

 2015-05 24 ID tag for trays and pans (337.3 KiB)

Tins and pans
ID tag for trays and pans
An individual ID tag on pan clusters and trays, presented by Kaak Bakeware during the iba trade fair, enables a check as to how often the pans were already in circulation. Thus it is possible to check specifically how often the tray or pan has already been used and whether it needs to be recoated or entirely replaced.

 2015-05 26 Atmospheric baking (196.4 KiB)

Atmospheric baking
The equipment presented at the iba trade fair by MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH, Arnstein, included the new MIWE roll-in e+. This rack oven is used for baking at a defined standard atmospheric pressure and has a wireless core temperature sensor.

 2015-05 28 A new future for FEDIMA (656.2 KiB)

Inter-trade organizations
A new future for FEDIMA
At its annual conference this year in Bucharest, the FEDIMA (Federation of the European Union Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionery and Patisserie Industries) took a major step away from functioning purely as an umbrella organization of national associations.

 2015-05 34 Improved access to data (381.2 KiB)

Improved access to data
A project to develop a uniform data standard for manufacturing companies in the baked products sector has been running under the working title “WSBake” at the TUM in Weihenstephan since October 2014. The project is accommodated under the umbrella of the so-called “Weihenstephan Standards”. Two of these standardized data formats already exist: “WSPack” for the beverages industry and “WSFood” for the meat sector. “WSBake” is intended as an expansion of this range.

 2015-05 38 Munich hosts the world (880.7 KiB)

iba special
Munich hosts the world
One thing soon became clear to anyone who visited the iba 2015 in Munich: this trade fair is international. The figures reflect it. Based on the preliminary result from the organizer, GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH, the proportion of foreign visitors was 63 %, a 2 % increase compared to the iba 2012 (61%). The total visitor count was 77,830, and was thus 10 % more than in 2012.

 2015-05 45 Presented the Le Duff Group (127.8 KiB)

Presented: the Le Duff Group
The French group Le Duff took over the German chain store bakery Kamps in April this year. Reason enough to present the parent company.

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 2015-05 46 Lavash bread for Iran (702.0 KiB)

Lavash bread for Iran
A bakery in Kermanshah, Iran, is investing in a new production facility. It is designed to manufacture lavash bread, among other things, 24/7 from mid-2016 onwards. For this the company relies on German plant technology.

 2015-05 50 Baked food for dogs and cats (323.9 KiB)

Baked food for dogs and cats
The task of producing treats for man’s best friend is just as demanding as manufacturing baked goods for ladies and gentlemen, as the example of Bio Biscuit, Canada, shows.

 2015-05 51 Bread in Europe Part 1 (311.9 KiB)

Bread in Europe
European consumers’ opinions on the subject of bread. Part 1: Gina au Valletta is a German citizen who has lived on Malta for 20 years

 2015-05 52 Steinmetz baked products for end customers (323.2 KiB)

Steinmetz baked products for end customers
For more than 120 years Steinmetz has stood for flour purified by a patented process. The product range has now been expanded, and the retail is supplied directly with frozen Steinmetz baked goods.

 2015-05 54 Diet as an expression of lifestyle (318.2 KiB)

Diet as an expression of lifestyle
Nutritional trends reflect rather long-term social change movements and the shift in cultural values – this is the thesis put forward by Hanni Rützler, an Austrian and lead author of the Food Report 2016.

 2015-05 56 Cleaning and preventive pest control (208.7 KiB)

Quality assuarance
Cleaning and preventive pest control
The branch is every chain store baker’s business card. In most cases each location is individually designed, although this is often not reflected in the planning and implementation of cleaning and pest monitoring concepts. Jochen Brandt and Erik Wetzel outline briefly the weak points that are brought to light most often in their consultancy work. The authors also show how well-aimed questioning can discover these weak points and plan actions to minimize risk.

 2015-05 60 Four-way puff pastry power (142.3 KiB)

Four-way puff pastry power
An emulsifier system added to margarines could be a “four-way product adjustment tool” for R&D departments working with puff pastries.

 2015-05 62 Cleaning in Place-CIP-What does it mean (189.8 KiB)

Cleaning in Place – CIP. What does it mean?
The whole world is talking about “Hygienic Design”. In a series of articles, authors Dr. Markus Schirmer and Rudolf Hofer, Bühler AG, Uzwil/Switzerland, explain what the phrase really means. Part 3: CIP (technology, processes, media, intervals, research basics)

 2015-05 65 News (165.6 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2015-05 66 Specialist consultant (502.0 KiB)

Specialist consultant
Konrad Mändli is the owner of the Mändli Fachberatung Brot und Backwaren GmbH in Waldkirch, Switzerland. A master baker and confectioner, he is also a bakery engineer and has many years of experience in management positions in industrial bakeries in Switzerland. His consultancy focuses on process and organizational design, bread and baked products manufacturing technology, commissioning, quality management and crisis management.

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