baking+biscuit international 05-2014

baking+biscuit international 05-2014:

published in October 2014

From the content:
+ Panettone: Artistic masterpieces
+ Market Romania: From retail to stnack concepts
+ Bakery Treiber: Focus on energy efficiency
+ Ingredients: Yeast, enzymes, premixes and much more

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 2014-05 01 Title (121.2 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2014-05

 2014-05 02 Editorial (317.0 KiB)

Birds of a feather flock together
The worldwide baked products sector is not doing too badly. It has been gaining new markets steadily for several decades, both regionally and as distribution channels. Who could have imagined in the 1950s that out-of-home would become a sales channel that is just as much taken for granted as the baker’s shop round the corner or the supermarket shelf? Who would have believed that supermarkets would bake in-store not just for appearances and image but actually so as to cover entire product ranges? Who would have thought 30 years ago that large baked products factories would spring up in China, Africa or the Middle East? Who would have expected frozen food technology to change markets so dramatically?

 2014-05 04 Content (101.9 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 05-2014
The linked table of contents of our trade journal baking+biscuit international helps you to get an overview of all articles in the current issue regardless whether you are at home, in the office or bakery or travelling. A single click will take you exactly to the required article.

 2014-05 05 Death of Franz Daub (78.3 KiB)

Death of Franz Daub
Franz Daub, former co-owner of the oven construction company of the same name, died in Hamburg in early September. All who were acquainted with him will know that the industry has lost a unique figure.
Franz Daub helped to achieve thermo-oil’s international breakthrough as a heating medium for baking ovens, by designing new ovens and developing special pumps and burners for them.

 2014-05 06 For the first time (530.3 KiB)

Fairs and exhibitions
For the first time
After the division of Gulfood into a finished food market exhibition in the spring of 2014 and a manufacturing show in the autumn, the latter presents itself in Dubai with much fanfare

 2014-05 10 News (738.0 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2014-05 12 Artistic masterpieces (486.9 KiB)

Company portrait 
Artistic masterpieces
There are people who know how to achieve perfection. Pietro Freddi is one of these, and fortunately for two months in the year his masterpieces can be acquired and eaten as panettone

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 2014-05 16 Regarding the 5 percent rule (186.0 KiB)

Regarding the 5% rule
The use of conventional yeast in organic baked products is still permitted, but that could change. This is one of the reasons for the rise in the number of organic yeast suppliers

 2014-05 18 Leavened lavash for Europe (259.6 KiB)

Company portrait
Leavened lavash for Europe
The Behzad Iranian bakery in Hamburg markets lavash and taftan breads. A characteristic feature of the Behzad products is that they are manufactured using a Böcker liquid rye sourdough

 2014-05 20 Grains and sprouted grains in sourdoughs (474.4 KiB)

Grains and sprouted grains in sourdoughs
A baked product with grains or sprouted grains is associated with an authentic, healthy artisan product that is well received by consumers. The baking ingredients market offers a range of fermented products made from sourdough and grains that are designed to increase the protein and mineral contents of baked goods

 2014-05 24 Todays elfin helpers (228.5 KiB)

Today’s elfin helpers
Enzymes are today’s elfin helpers, and the food industry is not at all the only place where their importance is growing

 2014-05 26 Modern research results (382.9 KiB)

Modern research results
Thanks to massive investments in research and development, the French mixer manufacturer VMI has a fundamentally new generation of mixers. The star is the two-stage “Continuum” vacuum continuous mixer, which is specifically adapted for toast bread (= sandwich loaf or “pain de mie”) and bread roll doughs

 2014-05 29 9 percent growth in Frances organic market (124.9 KiB)

9% growth in France’s organic market
The French organic produce market is assessed regularly by L'Agence Bio – and showed good overall growth in 2013

 2014-05 30 A current overview of bread roll lines (243.8 KiB)

A current overview of bread roll lines
Various plant constructors present innovations in the bread roll line area at the südback trade fair. Further developments focus on improvements in control, weight accuracy and hygiene friendliness

 2014-05 32 Variety writ large (366.7 KiB)

Variety writ large
The motto of the Treiber GmbH in Steinenbronn: “From our firm belief – everything is homemade”. It also convinces the customers, so the business is growing steadily

 2014-05 34 Heat recovery pays dividends (582.6 KiB)

Heat recovery pays dividends
No matter how big or small the business, when a new bakery is built or an oven installed in the Czech Republic, heat recovery is a part of it. Government incentives and visible results make sure of that. The suppliers include the Czech oven builder Kornfeil in Čejč

 2014-05 38 Light and shade in Romania (336.6 KiB)

Light and shade in Romania
The variety of suppliers on the Romanian baked products market is large. Everything is represented, from supermarket chains that bake in-store, through frozen baked goods manufacturers to snack and coffee concepts. However, the black economy is still causing problems

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 2014-05 42 Gluten-free growth market (151.7 KiB)

Gluten-free growth market
Various market research companies have estimated the market for gluten-free products - growth seems implicit!

 2014-05 44 The bakery cafe with Bake-it-easy (365.8 KiB)

The bakery-café with Bake-it-easy
Bakkerij Borgesius is a familiar phrase in the Netherlands. However, “Het Bakkerscafé” in central Groningen is a novelty

 2014-05 46 Cool and convenient (317.8 KiB)

Cool und convenient
Packagings for frozen products must fulfill particular requirements and must be resistant to low temperatures and moisture

 2014-05 49 New member of the Bread Senate (116.6 KiB)

New member of the Bread Senate
The members of the German Association of Large Bakeries appointed the specialist journalist Hildegard M. Keil as a new member of the Bread Senate

 2014-05 50 The functional potential of hydrocolloids (395.2 KiB)

Raw materials
The functional potential of hydrocolloids
Hydrocolloids are often used in the baking industry as stabilizers or emulsifiers. Their decisive importance lies mainly in the manufacture of gluten-free baked products.

 2014-05 54 Mathematical Modelling of the Growth of Yeast Wheat Doughs (476.3 KiB)

Mathematical Modelling of the Growth of Yeast Wheat Doughs
To analyze the importance of the different processes which occur during the growth of the volume of a yeast dough during fermentation a mathematical model was developed and verified using exact volume measurements

 2014-05 58 Project management and baking technology (262.2 KiB)

Project management & bakery technology
Project solutions for industry and artisans, expansions, modifications, process improvements, product development, improving shelf life and interim management

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