baking+biscuit international 04-2017

baking+biscuit international 04-2017:

published in August 2017

From the content:
Production: The new Coop size in Schafisheim
Interview: Kaak - efficiency and consistency
Research: Controlled flour functionality

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baking+biscuit international 2017-04


bbi-2017-04-03-exploiting-niches (525.3 KiB)

Exploiting niches
Whether it’s pop-up bakeries or unicorn bakeries, hybrid baked goods like the hamdog – half hamburger bun, half hotdog roll –, a cappuccino with a picture of the customer spread out on the foamed milk, or cookie fries – which look like French fries but are really cookies: the sector is highly creative, and many new and sometimes not so new ideas are tried out.


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Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 04 -2017

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bbi-2017-04-06-all-in-one (1.0 MiB)

All in one
The new Coop site in Schafisheim provides maximum flexibility. Approx. 600 employees make around 600 different products on a total of 24 lines.


bbi-2017-04-12-efficiency-and-consistency (292.8 KiB)

Efficiency and consistency
Aart-Jan Hartman is one of the Kaak Group’s Managing Directors (CCO), together with Lodewijk van der Borg (CEO) and Roy Schoorlemmer (CFO). Hildegard Keil talked to him about progress in bakery technology.


bbi-2017-04-16-industry-get-together-at-the-suedback-trade-fair (549.2 KiB)

Trade fair
Industry get-together at the südback trade fair
The südback trade fair opens its doors on 23 September. Around 700 exhibitors will have four days in which to provide information to visitors. The trade fair is becoming ever more international.


bbi-2017-04-18-a-new-player-in-the-market (512.1 KiB)

A new player in the market
A new food industry plant and equipment manufacturer with international operations, the Middleby Group, is focusing on the bakery equipment sector.


bbi-2017-04-22-a-new-applications-research-building (374.8 KiB)

A new Applications Research buildingBühler AG has its applications research and customer testing facilities at its head office in Uzwil, Switzerland.


bbi-2017-04-24-mecatherm-two-markets-two-consepts (413.5 KiB)

Mecatherm: Two markets, two concepts
High-efficiency lines for high-quality mass-produced goods, and flexible midsized lines for a quick response to niche markets – Olivier Sergent, Mecatherm’s CEO, has clear strategies in view.


bbi-2017-04-26-news (423.4 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.!


bbi-2017-04-28-artisan-mixing-plant-for-australia (424.0 KiB)

Artisan mixing plant for Australia
French inspired – Australian owned, that’s how the Laurent bakery in Melbourne describes itself. The company uses European plant technology to produce artisan breads in a new building.


bbi-2017-04-32-stone-like-coating (370.4 KiB)

Stone-like coating
Experts in acs Coating Systems GmbH, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, have developed two new coatings: DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ®. Neither coating contains any substances that out-gas in the oven, and they are both free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).


bbi-2017-04-34-the-security-point-tray (338.2 KiB)

The Security-Point tray
The SecuPoint tray is the latest innovation from Anneliese Backtechnik GmbH in Eschweiler. Nubs (SecuPoints) are embossed at the edge of the tray’s underside by an additional fabrication step. These are said to increase hygiene, sturdiness and lifetime.


bbi-2017-04-36-universally-usable (151.7 KiB)

Universally usable
Precisma GmbH’s new “Easy Belt” baking tray cleaning machine cleans a wide variety of tray types in a small space.


bbi-2017-04-37-newly-developed-peelboard (322.3 KiB)

Newly developed peelboard
A peelboard newly developed by Kempf GmbH combines a stainless steel frame with a special plastic. The board is lightweight, is usable on both sides, and is said to have good non-stick properties.


bbi-2017-04-38-behavior-of-proofing-carriers-in-long-term-use (222.8 KiB)

Behavior of proofing carriers in long-term use
The effect of long-term use and of cleaning systems on the behavior of proofing carriers with regard to microbial growth and structural change, and consequently on their adhesive properties towards cereal oughs.


bbi-2017-04-40-new-ebake-solutions (256.8 KiB)

DEBAG presents its new product range – innovative software for economical baking and enhanced user-friendliness – reducing labour and energy costs.


bbi-2017-04-42-waffles-with-tradition (243.6 KiB)

Waffles with tradition
The treacle waffle, also called a syrup or caramel waffle, has been produced in the Netherlands for more than 200 years. Nowadays, according to plant constructor VanderPol, it’s a worldwide specialty and is often manufactured industrially.


bbi-2017-04-44-maximum-food-safety-and-security (631.1 KiB)

Maximum food safety and security
Ralf Ohlmann, CEO of Just in Air® GmbH, reports on the hygiene and climatic product safety of sliced/packaged baked products.


bbi-2017-04-50-frozen-pizza-as-a-trend-product (665.3 KiB)

Frozen pizza as a trend product
Producers of frozen pizza are trying to stand out from one another with variants such as halal, vegan, gluten-free or even a sweet version. The frozen pizza market is hotly contested.


bbi-2017-04-54-top-quality-on-an-industrial-scale (327.7 KiB)

Top quality on an industrial scale
The company FRITSCH has been focusing on complete production solutions for very different pizza and flat bread products as fresh or frozen production.


bbi-2017-04-56-customized-conveyor-technology (357.5 KiB)

Coveyor belts
Customized conveyor technology
Conveyor belts must be capable of withstanding a lot. The article presents two of these “beasts of burden”.


bbi-2017-04-58-organic-but-efficient (355.0 KiB)

Organic – but efficient
Producing high-quality organic baked goods industrially as frozen dough pieces – the challenge was great and the start was tough due to the change of ownership, but calm and success can now be seen.


bbi-2017-04-60-a-cookie-with-airs-and-graces (337.3 KiB)

A cookie with airs and graces
“Almond Thins” are virtually the star performer in the product range of the Belgian baked products manufacturer Destrooper-Olivier.


bbi-2017-04-62-controlled-fluor-functionality (1.3 MiB)

Controlled flour functionality
The effect of various kinds of milling and grinding on the structural modifications of starches and consequently on the technological properties of doughs.

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