baking+biscuit international 04-2015

baking+biscuit international 04-2015:

published in August 2015

From the content:
+ iba: Exhibitors present innovations
+ Borgesius: Thins - a new sandwich bread variety
+ AIBI: An interview with George Mavromaras

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 2015-04 01 Title (179.1 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2015-04

 2015-04 02 Editorial (306.8 KiB)

Why visiting the iba trade fair is an absolute Must …
E-mails, the Internet, phone and video conferencing – modern technology offers ample opportunities to stay in contact with one another nowadays. So why travel to Munich for the iba trade fair on top of that? In any case there are brochures as well …

 2015-04 04 Content (90.1 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 04-2015

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 2015-04 05 News (430.3 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2015-04 08 We want to be specialists (692.3 KiB)

We want to be specialists
Olivier Sergent has been President and CEO of Mecatherm Group since July 2014. He discussed the French machine construction company’s market and strategies with Editor-in-Chief Hildegard M. Keil.

 2015-04 14 Good prospects for the iba (268.1 KiB)

Good prospects for the iba
Thermo-oil ovens are valued by bakers due to the quality of their baking, and not just in Germany.

 2015-04 16 His latest coup (877.2 KiB)

His latest coup
Borgesius is among the five most important bread suppliers in the Dutch food retail, and Director Jan Borgesius is one of the industry’s most creative minds. The bread line he has now had built leaves nothing to be desired as far as flexibility is concerned.

 2015-04 22 Fastnachtskuechlein for Switzerland (847.0 KiB)

Fastnachtsküchlein for Switzerland
The Swiss Coop is restructuring its bakery locations. The company has now invested in new lines to produce deep-fried pastries at the Gossau site. In addition to ball donuts, Shrove Tuesday cookies for the whole of Switzerland leave the production unit in the peak season.

 2015-04 28 Tailor-made margarines (736.8 KiB)

Raw materials
Tailor-made margarines
Whether it’s a 27° laminating margarine with a defined melting range that should taste like butter, or a fat with no E Numbers and a specific melting point – the baking industry’s requirements for tayloremade products are increasing.

 2015-04 32 In love with technology (640.6 KiB)

In love with technology
Zdeněk Novák, CEO of the NoVy Vacov s.r.o. bakery at Vacov in the Czech Republic is an enthusiastic engineer. The businessman has gradually invested in new production technology to further increase the quality of the baked products and to save energy.

 2015-04 36 Fast networked and highly efficient (386.7 KiB)

Fast, networked and highly efficient
QRM, Quick Response Manufacturing, is the concept that has been implemented at Kaak FPS in the Netherlands and is turning the company into a family of networked specialists.

 2015-04 40 Even specialties are an affordable luxury (730.8 KiB)

Even specialties are an affordable luxury
Greece’s financial crisis has turned into a deep economic crisis that has long affected the people’s consumption behavior. This is also having an impact on bakers, who are feeling the pressure on prices. On the other hand they benefit from the fact that bread consumption has risen slightly in volume terms. Bread is an affordable luxury even today. An interview with George Mavromaras, CEO of Bake Hellas and President of the International Association of Plant Bakers (AiBi) until early June.

 2015-04 44 The industrys meeting point (1.7 MiB)

Iba special
The industry's meeting point
The iba trade fair in Munich opens its doors from 12th to 17th September 2015. More than 1,200 exhibitors from the whole world will present the industry’s latest innovations, trends and technical developments at the trade fair. Here is a brief overview of the innovations.

 2015-04 58 Side by side (616.3 KiB)

Side by side
The Italian machine builder Tonelli focuses on semi- and fully automatic production lines for batters, crèmes, sauces etc., which are developed in partnership with clients.

 2015-04 62 Innovations have a long tradition (415.4 KiB)

Workshop visit
Innovations have a long tradition
The REGO HERLITZIUS GmbH, Haan, Germany, can look back on a long tradition. It’s a mechanical engineering company that has originated innovations again and again. There are also various novelties for the trade fair.

 2015-04 66 Kempf opens a new Teflon coating line (329.4 KiB)

Kempf opens a new Teflon® coating line
Fully automated, the production site has the capacity to coat more than 2,500 square metres per day of bakeware with Teflon® nonstick surfaces for industrial bakeries.

 2015-04 68 Saturated but still changing (324.2 KiB)

Saturated but still changing
The French market research agency Girag & Associates (trading as “Gira”) has monitored the entire European baked products market for over 30 years. Anne Fremaux, who is responsible for this segment, presented the latest figures recently at the conference of the AiBi (International Association of Plant Bakers) in Athens, Greece.

 2015-04 72 Bosch shows a hygienically designed vertical bag packer (596.4 KiB)

Bosch shows a hygienically designed vertical bag packer
A press event at Bosch Packing Machines, Weert, the Netherlands. The highlight of the presentation: a vertically operating bag packer constructed on hygienic design principles.

 2015-04 74 Enjoyment with no dribbles (262.7 KiB)

Enjoyment with no dribbles
Packagings emphasize the convenience claim of snacks

 2015-04 76 Declarations of Compliance (324.3 KiB)

Quality assurance
Declarations of Compliance
Food contact materials and the proof of their suitability and fitness – every auditor asks about it, but not every company really knows what it means in detail. Here is an overview.

 2015-04 80 Hygiene starts with the building (832.8 KiB)

Hygiene starts with the building
The whole world is talking about “Hygienic Design”. In a series of articles, authors Dr. Markus Schirmer and Rudolf Hofer, Bühler AG, Uzwil/Switzerland, explain what the phrase really means. Part 2: Hygienic Design – Planning buildings and plant

 2015-04 84 Clean air and less flour dust allergies (506.1 KiB)

Clean air and less flour dust allergies
The so-called “baker’s asthma” is a disease that occurs not infrequently. A total of 20 % of all bakers are predisposed to the disease.

 2015-04 88 Lipids in gluten free bread (424.7 KiB)

Lipids in gluten-free bread
Effects of shortening, rapeseed oil and various emulsifiers on volume and pore structure.

 2015-04 93 Scotland (216.2 KiB)

Land of the haggis, shortbread and scones

 2015-04 94 Development of new low-trans-fatty acid deep frying fats (353.6 KiB)

Development of new low-trans-fatty acid deep-frying fats
Many artisan bakeries still use deep-frying fats containing high levels of trans-fatty acids tha are a potential health hazard. Research is currently in progress to develop alternative functional deep-frying fats with low trans-fatty acid levels.

 2015-04 98 Crisis management professionals (618.8 KiB)

Crisis management professionals
“Seize opportunities – master crises” is the motto of Dr. Christoph Persin and Enrico Banemann. The founders of GbR, Hamburg, specialize in crisis management in the food industry.

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