baking+biscuit international 04-2014

baking+biscuit international 04-2014:

published in August 2014

From the content:
+ Deep fried pastry: Markets and manufacturers
+ Lanterna: Frozen baked products for Italy
+ Mectherm: Berndard Zorn's plans
+ Lithuania: Baked products market in flux

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baking+biscuit international 2014-04
What’s next?
One might ask whether a society constantly striving to generate growth can still be certified as intellectually healthy. The question is both permissible and necessary, since in the past the term growth often hid nothing more than a gigantic waste of resources. Such waste impoverishes society, even if some people benefit from it in the form of greater profits, because wastefulness of this kind robs society of its future viability.
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You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.!
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On the road to the future
Bernhard Zorn has managed Mecatherm's fortunes for almost 40 years. He ist now taking over the leadership of a newly-created parent company. His aims for the future are as ambitious as his successes with mecatherm. 
Berliners, beignets, churros, and of course donuts
Western Europeans are familiar with a whole series of traditional deep-fried foods. The American counterpart with a hole in the middle is now also at home everywhere. 
The boom continues
Companies achieve double-digit sales growths in the production of deep-fried pastries as the consumption in Western Europe is still increasing
Donut production in all versions
For industrial production of pastry, WP Kemper offers production lines designed for the individual requirements profiles of the bakeries. The line works with the patented softstar as the head machine and has a special fat pan as well
Generation CleanFlex
Josef Opelka from Remseck at the Neckar presents the cleanflex, the new donut plant generation, in time for the pastry season
New boiling procedure for donuts
During Bakers Day athe the ttz in Bremerhaven, Kai Heuberger, Innovation Director Bakery Products CSM Bakery Solutions Europe Holding B.V., presented a new boiling procedure for donuts. The expert tells more about the technical background and the product together with Kerstin Schmidt, CSM Business Director Bakery Products
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New supplier for fat fryer machines
BMTEC entered the market this year as a new supplier of fat fryer machines. The product range extends from small artisan machines to continuous machines
Thought-through automation
Kuchenmeister uses automation processes, often designed according to a dedicated patented procedure, for control of the entire operation, for transport processes, robots for gripping and packing
Company portrait
More than just tins
In Laon, in the north-east of France, a new provider for pastry carriers, baking trays and oven racks of all kinds has become established: Diane Industries. The Company's founder Roger Messio, knows the industry in detail. Thanks to his long experience, he has many new things to offer
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Pan developments
American Pan, one of the subsidiaries of the Bundy Group in Urbana, Ohio, USA has implemented new improvements on their existing pan series
A big one is born
There are structural shits in the Italien baked products market. Among the results is lag, the biggest domestic supplier of frozen baked goods
Italy: The crisis is accelerating structural change
The financial crisis of the past few years has left deep scars on Italy's food sector. The high unemployment rate, mainly among the young, even when well-educated, is forcing households to rethink their consumption behavior, and discounters in Italy are growing correspondingly quicklly, above all Lidl. 
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From analysis to baking test
Markus Schirmer is manager of the Bühler AG's Bakery Innovation Centre in Uzwil/Switzerland. In this Interview he explains the mode of operation and the new range of services offered by the technology and training centre. 

The development of the country Lithuania is also evident in the development of the baking industry. Here, the supermarkets make a good bargain. 
Sustainable baking with heat recovery
In the last part of the series, Dr. German will deal withair conditioning and heat recovery during baking. 
Bread against Misery
The "Bread against misery" foundation set up by Heiner Kamps has been actively engaged throughout the whole world for more than 13 years to make sustainable development aid possible

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