baking+biscuit international 03-2016

baking+biscuit international 03-2016:

published in May 2016

From the content:
+ Production: Modular high-capacity croissant system
+ Private lable: From cheap offer to food retail profiling tool
+ Vacuum process: Extended crispness after baking

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 2016-03 01 Title (86.8 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2016-03

 2016-03 02 Editorial (189.9 KiB)

Driving forces and trends
Europe and North Amerika, and also a few Middle East countries, are developed markets for baked goods.
It’s not a matter of giving people enough to eat, as it is in some other parts of the world. It’s a question of well-fed, affluent customers, and predatory competition has become established in the baking industry.

 2016-03 04 Content (150.6 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 03-2016

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 2016-03 05 News (156.5 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.!

 2016-03 06 Modular high-capacity croissant system (368.1 KiB)

Modular high-capacity croissant system
Rondo has developed the RONDO CS, a modular croissant system that can manufacture up to 130,000 mini-croissants weighing 13 g each, for example. However, the same line can also produce up to 63,000 Croissants weighing 70 g. Tool changeover when there is a product change takes less than ten minutes.

 2016-03 10 Oven manufacture-Made in Germany (512.2 KiB)

Oven manufacture – Made in Germany
Restructuring the oven-building specialists Daub, part of the Kaak Group, is now complete. The team at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg led by Managing Director Andreas Ranft focuses on the areas of developing, constructing, servicing and fabricating thermo-oil ovens. In this interview, Andreas Ranft talks about new oven concepts and the company’s orientation.

 2016-03 14 Process technology is decisive (504.9 KiB)

Process technology is decisive
Vacuum now has two new areas of use in bakery technology: extending crispness and preparing ready-to-eat products from frozen goods.

 2016-03 18 Successful Austrian Baker Days (273.6 KiB)

Successful Austrian Baker Days
backaldrin The Kornspitz Company, Asten, Austria, organized the 3rd Austrian Baker Days on April 9 and 10. More than 3,500 visitors from the whole world took up the invitation.

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 2016-03 20 Every Euro needs its Return on Investment (639.0 KiB)

Every Euro needs its Return on Investment
What does sports sponsorship cost, and what advantage does it give a company? Hildegard M. Keil discussed this with Mag. Ing. Wolfgang Mayer, an executive board member and Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing at backaldrin The Kornspitz Company, an Austrian raw materials supplier committed to winter sports and the Olympic Games.

 2016-03 24 Anything but standard (515.8 KiB)

Anything but standard
WP Industrielle Backtechnik is the WP Bakery Group’s plant constructor. A new team at the site in Tamm deals with customers’ requests relating to turnkey projects.

 2016-03 28 From cheap offer to food retail profiling tool (866.1 KiB)

From cheap offer to food retail profiling tool
Because consumer and consumption behavior changes, the food service and food retail worlds are moving closer together and mutually influencing one another. At the same time, ever more retail groups are using retail brands to differentiate themselves and profile their image.

 2016-03 32 Bread Advertising activities and nutritional scrience aspects (353.5 KiB)

Bread: Advertising activities and nutritional science aspects
The FEDIMA & AIBI Symposium took place in Brussels on April 13, 2016. Numerous international experts gave presentations relating to the topic of: “What’s New at the Bread Side?”.

 2016-03 34 Modern Bakery 2016-possibly a turning point (383.0 KiB)

Fairs & Exhibitions
Modern Bakery 2016 – possibly a turning point
Business between bakery technology importers and Russian bakery companies had struggled slightly in the past few years, and that was also noticeable at the Modern Bakery trade fair taking place regularly in Moscow.

 2016-03 36 Acting globally producing locally (698.0 KiB)

Acting globally, producing locally
Reading has been part of the Markel Food Group since 2012. In an interview, Joseph S. Zaleski Jr., President of Reading Bakery Systems, told Hildegard M. Keil what challenges and opportunities the group membership offers.

 2016-03 40 Packing gluten-free products safely (208.5 KiB)

Packing gluten-free products safely
There is a growing demand for gluten-free baked products, but packing gluten-free baked goods imposes special requirements on the systems that are used. Thermoform (deep-draw) packing plants offer a solution.

 2016-03 43 Flexibles system for origin traceability (201.0 KiB)

Quality assurance
Flexibles system for origin traceability
In conjunction with Agroisolab GmbH, the Quant Qualitätssicherung (Quality Assurance) GmbH offers a new system called IsoTrace for flexible, risk-oriented origin traceability.

 2016-03 44 What does that mean for Bakers (115.7 KiB)

Circular Economy
What does that mean for Bakers?
According to the European Commission, Food Waste amounts to more than 89 million tonnes a year in the EU, while 79 million EU citizens live below the poverty line.

 2016-03 46 Trivial only at first glance-Labelling oils ands fats (555.7 KiB)

Food Law
Trivial only at first glance: Labelling oils and fats
The Food Information Regulation really is a wonder to behold. In some respects it is not fully consistent, and it is therefore difficult to apply all of its details correctly. A particularly striking example of this is the labelling of fats and oils in the list of ingredients.

 2016-03 52 An expanded range of services (197.4 KiB)

An expanded range of services
The IGV GmbH in Nuthetal, Germany, is realigning itself. It is moving away from research projects and more towards service offerings and the manufacture and marketing of its own products. The baking technology department’s offerings of educational, consultancy and development services are being retained and, like the test laboratory’s laboratory services, are to be expanded.

 2016-03 55 Undervalued by products streams (348.3 KiB)

Undervalued byproduct streams
Opportunities for the sustainable use of distiller’s grains residue in the baked products industry
(Continuation of the article in baking+biscuit international, issue 2/2016, page 56)

 2016-03 58 The result is what counts (347.4 KiB)

The result is what counts
FoodScore, engineering consultants to the food industry, assists companies in a wide variety of food industry sectors with their organization and process optimization. It focuses on the areas of process analysis, optimization and implementation, and on interim management.

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