baking+biscuit international 03-2015

baking+biscuit international 03-2015:

published in June 2015

From the content:
+ Quiches, Pies, Natas: Versatile and fully automated
+ AiBi Congress: The new elected President of the AiBi
+ Vacuum cooling: Conditioning instead of cooling

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 2015-03 01 Title (162.4 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2015-03

 2015-03 03 Editorial (242.9 KiB)

Volatile Markets
In the past, stock market reports were really the only places where this term was used. The phenomenon of fluctuating and increasingly unpredictable markets has now also reached an area that is really a question of staple foodstuffs, namely the baked products market.

 2015-03 04 Content (110.8 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 03-2015

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 2015-03 05 News (359.8 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2015-03 08 Industrial donut lines (156.6 KiB)

Industrial donut lines
In 2012/2013 the WP Group formed the first single-source supplier of complete fat frying lines by taking over Reimelt’s industrial fat fryer line technology and the rather artisan-oriented Riehle fat frying lines.

 2015-03 10 The Opelka caekcaek line (285.2 KiB)

The Opelka çäkçäk line
Çäkçäk is a dessert variant that is very popular among the Turkic peoples. A special line made by Opelka is designed to assist its industrial production.

 2015-03 12 Global pie (432.1 KiB)

Global pie
The global snack market is unimaginable without pies. Originally they could be manufactured only with a lot of manual work, but production is now undertaken by semi- and fully-automated lines.

 2015-03 16 iba 2015 in Munich (878.8 KiB)

Fairs and Exhibitions
iba 2015 in Munich
The countdown has begun: in about two and a half month, the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionary and snacks will begin.

 2015-03 20 Good visitor numbers at the Modern Bakery trade fair (425.8 KiB)

Fairs and Exhibitions
Good visitor numbers at the Modern Bakery trade fair
Some exhibitors had travelled to this year’s bakery trade fair in Moscow with mixed feelings, but at least the visitor numbers at the trade fair may have given some relief.

 2015-03 22 AiBi Congress 2015 in Athens (183.7 KiB)

AiBi Congress 2015 in Athens
Jean-Manuel Lévêque, CEO of Délifrance, has been elected as the new President of the AiBi

 2015-03 24 Conditioning instead of cooling (392.7 KiB)

Conditioning instead of cooling
Increasing numbers of major baked product chain stores are acquiring vacuum cooling plants. In fact this technology has already been available since 2000.

 2015-03 28 Enlarged management team (288.3 KiB)

Enlarged management team
If the Baden-Württembergers ever want to publish location advertising with the slogan: “We can’t speak High German, but ...”, they should complete the sentence with “we can build ovens” and quote the WIESHEU GmbH in Affalterbach as an example.

 2015-03 30 The specialists cooperation (303.0 KiB)

Workshop visit
The specialists’ cooperation
The experts of the Backtechnik S.I. GmbH, Unterkirnach, have specialized in custom designs and in the planning and work-up of bakery machines. The staff also produce dough make-up lines. The company has now added its own designs of wire mesh belt oven to its product range.

 2015-03 32 Counting the laps (366.0 KiB)

Trays and pans
Counting the laps
Defining the quality of trays and pan clusters is simple, it is a question of the number of fault-free circuits. How quality is recognized and what affects it is far less clear.

 2015-03 36 Fighting contamination with granular salt (526.0 KiB)

Fighting contamination with granular salt
Sandvik Process Systems AB, Sandviken, Sweden, has developed a new and smooth process to clean contaminated steel belts in tunnel ovens.

 2015-03 38 Global leader in paperless order picking (917.5 KiB)

Global leader in paperless order picking
Around 750 customers worldwide rely on paperless order picking and work with a system from the toolbox Software GmbH, Eschweiler. This specialist’s rise to global market leader for order picking in the baking industry started 20 years ago. CEO Sascha Egener explains in an interview his vision of the future of goods distribution.

 2015-03 42 50 years-and still slightly different to the others (260.8 KiB)

50 years – and still slightly different to the others
Backaldrin celebrates its 50th birthday this year and has every reason to be proud of this history, because what began 50 years ago in the proverbial Viennese backyard is now an internationally respected business.

 2015-03 44 Cleaning is the key issue (636.6 KiB)

Cleaning is the key issue
The whole world is talking about “Hygienic Design”. In a series of articles, authors Dr. Markus Schirmer and Rudolf Hofer, Bühler AG, Uzwil/Switzerland, explain what the phrase really means.

 2015-03 50 Baking and Building (414.9 KiB)

Baking and Building
Constant building projects in the production and branch area compel businesses to work intensively on the subjects of quality and hygiene, as well as on the production processes when planning and implementing building projects.

 2015-03 54 Preservation using pulsed light (596.3 KiB)

Preservation using pulsed light
A new kind of technology now opens potentials for the baked products industry

 2015-03 65 News (75.9 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2015-03 58 Emmer wheat and spelt (314.0 KiB)

Emmer wheat and spelt
Emmer wheat is cultivated to only a limited extent at present. However, can it also be produced on a larger scale? The agronomics and quality of emmer wheat compared to spelt were studied in a Germany-wide experiment.

 2015-03 62 Starch damage in the comminution process (263.6 KiB)

Starch damage in the comminution process
The paper describes the modification of starch and protein by using various comminution methods, and its effect on technological baking properties.

 2015-03 66 At home in the world (431.9 KiB)

At home in the world
Helmut Schön, master baker and engineer, mediator and coach, advises bakeries on questions of bakery engineering and baking technology. The expert also helps with building conversions and new constructions, and is present when requested from planning to commissioning.

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