baking+biscuit international 02-2017

baking+biscuit international 02-2017:

published in April 2017

From the content:
Aryzta Group: Increasing performance
interpack: New solutions for baked goods
Inter Europol: Successful with artisan products

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baking+biscuit international 2017-02


bbi-2017-02-03-editorial (239.9 KiB)

Be brave!
The newly elected German Federal President recently encouraged the people to be brave, not only in Germany but also across Europe. Let’s have a closer look at whom he might have been addressing with this call to action.


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Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 02 -2017

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bbi-2017-02-06-increasing performance (1.0 MiB)

Increasing performance
ARYZTA has continuously expanded its Eisleben location in Germany. For example, the company invested around EUR 125 million in the newest Plant 7 alone, and is creating new jobs.


bbi-2017-02-11-news (642.2 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.!


bbi-2017-02-14-masters of the little helpers (1.7 MiB)

Raw materials
Masters of the little helpers
The Canada-based Lallemand Group is among the world’s biggest yeast suppliers, and excels with its very active application research activities.


bbi-2017-02-18-usa clean gmo-free and organic (380.8 KiB)

USA: Clean, GMO-free and Organic
GMO-free has turned into a label that is in no sense used only by niche producers.


bbi-2017-02-20-cooling dough with nitrogen or carbon dioxide (302.4 KiB)

Cooling dough with nitrogen or carbon dioxide
The process of cooling using cryogenically liquefied gases to adjust dough temperature has been developed further by Air Liquide.


bbi-2017-02-22-more versatile easier to operate and well networked (304.3 KiB)

More versatile, easier to operate and well networked
What will happen after the widespread equipping of the food retail with in-store ovens? Around a dozen in-store oven builders attempted to give suggestions for this at the Euroshop trade fair in Düsseldorf.


bbi-2017-02-24-development of a polymer system to simulate wheat dough (316.7 KiB)

Development of a polymer system to simulate wheat dough
Flour is a natural product and is subject to constant raw material fluctuations that cause variations not only in the textural and rheological properties of a dough but also in the spectrum of nutrients available to the yeast.


bbi-2017-02-26-characteristics like a stone oven (226.0 KiB)

Characteristics like a stone oven
RBS Reading Bakery Systems has enlarged its “Thomas L. Green Prism Oven” series of ovens.


bbi-2017-02-28-packeging-the added value (3.9 MiB)

Packaging – the added value
From attractive to extravagant or even personalized, while at the same time being well thought out, functional and produced with ecological foresight – these are the demands consumers place on packaging for baked goods and confectionery. This compels producers to use creativity and efficiency in equal measures.


bbi-2017-02-42-the-market-in-poland (326.7 KiB)

The market in Poland
The retail in Poland is expanding its product range. Frozen baked products manufacturers are profiting from the change and are investing in new plants and production sites.


bbi-2017-02-44-successful-with-artisan-products (741.3 KiB)

Successful with artisan products
The Polish company INTER EUROPOL has been growing for many years. The company invests constantly to meet the growing demand for frozen baked products with an artisan appearance.


bbi-2017-02-50-added value through digitizing (534.9 KiB)

Added value through digitizing
Efficient packaging plant concepts in the digital environment.


bbi-2017-02-54-quality in bakery knowledge (576.7 KiB)

Quality in Bakery Knowledge
Bakery Technology know-how is one of the key items that is required when a production line is installed and the production process is starting up.


bbi-2017-02-58-a quarter century of progress (617.7 KiB)

A quarter century of progress
The Codos mixer is a quarter of a century old. It owes its success to constant further development.


bbi-2017-02-62-the newest member of the hygiene design series (461.9 KiB)

The newest member of the hygiene design series
The Austrian plant constructor König has re-engineered its Menes dough sheeter. The design focused on the hygiene model in particular. The first of the plants have begun operation.


bbi-2017-02-64-spiral proffer offers double output (262.3 KiB)

Spiral proffer offers double output
The GEA Group, Düsseldorf, Germany, doubles proofing throughput for manufacturers of croissant and pain au chocolat with a new spiral system.


bbi-2017-02-66-building sustainable barriers (515.8 KiB)

Building sustainable barriers
High-tech films save material and energy, and provide all the required properties.


bbi-2017-02-70-positive baiking characteristics (804.7 KiB)

Positive baking characteristics
Bühler offers a new solution for continuous sponge dough and sourdough production to reduce mixing times and increase line throughputs. In the interview, Dr.-Ing. Markus Schirmer, Head of the Bakery Innovation Center, explains how the plant works.


bbi-2017-02-76-gluten-degrading peptidases to manufacture gluten-free products (236.7 KiB)

Gluten-degrading peptidases to manufacture gluten-free products*
Gluten-degrading peptidases (enzymes) from plants, fungi, bacteria or insects are suitable for manufacturing gluten-free products from wheat, rye and barley. These products, which have high-quality nutritional-physiological and sensory properties, represent an alternative to conventional products made from naturally gluten-free raw materials.

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bbi-2017-02-79-cookies-the sweet little temptation (443.8 KiB)

Cookies – the sweet little temptation
Dr. Friedrich Kunz supplies information about the development of the cookie – from the origin of the word and its historic development to the development of today’s market.

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