baking+biscuit international 01-2016

baking+biscuit international 01-2016:

published in January 2016

From the content:
+ Tarte flambée: Highly automated production
+ Baguette lines: A system with booster
+ Dough preparation: Ultrasound-based density measurement

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 2016-01 01 Title (270.7 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2016-01

 2016-01 03 Content (107.9 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 01-2016

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 2016-01 04 Editorial (636.2 KiB)

Dear Readers
Welcome to a New Year with the media from food multimedia!

 2016-01 06 Growth at home and abroad (636.2 KiB)

Growth at home and abroad
Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH & Co KG in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, is the biggest company by far in
the Austrian baking industry, and one that is also highly concentrated.

 2016-01 08 An entirely new market is created (654.9 KiB)

An entirely new market is created
Tarte flambée, once a regional gastronomic product from the French border, has conquered the world in the past few years. Key roles in this were played by a technologist, an oenologist and a businesswoman.

 2016-01 12 Systematic quality (305.6 KiB)

Systematic quality
Although bakeries are still plentiful in Paris, they have long shared the trade in baguettes etc. with the supermarkets. The prerequisites are freshness, taste and quality on a par with those achieved by artisans. That exactly describes La Parisienne de Baguette’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

 2016-01 14 A system with a booster (999.4 KiB)

A system with a booster
The process HQ developed by Mecatherm gives the ability to produce a premium bread look like artisanal at a cost of standard bread. It allows companies like LPB to break the barrier to enter into the higher competitive bread market of Paris.

 2016-01 20 Butter cake as a driver of growth (602.4 KiB)

Company portrait
Butter cake as a driver of growth
Gerold Tönjes manages the Tönjes Country Bakery in Ganderkesee, Germany, together with his son Axel. The company operates 22 of its own branches, and began supplying the food retail with fine pastries in 1998. The bakery has grown steadily since then, and today it is considered to be the best place to go to for butter cakes.

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 2016-01 24 EU Bread Initiative founded (325.6 KiB)

Trade associations
EU Bread Initiative founded
Five European trade associations have combined in Brussels to form a bread initiative. The aim is to improve bread’s image and to emphasize both its health value and the European cultural heritage associated with this product group. At the same time – which is something entirely novel in the context of previous advertising and image campaigns – they want to make clear to European consumers the economic importance of the industrial sectors linked to it.

 2016-01 26 Following the trend (537.1 KiB)

Following the trend
Modern consumption and dietary habits are also changing baked goods markets in Switzerland. The Schwyter bakery in St. Gallen shows there is nevertheless still a place for premium-quality artisan products.

 2016-01 30 The 2016 trade fair train is on the move (594.2 KiB)

Fairs and exhibitions
The 2016 trade fair train is on the move
++ EUROPAIN, Paris - 5th to 9th February 2016
++ GULFOOD, Dubai - 21st to 25th February 2016
++ MODERN BAKERY, Moscow - 14th to 17th March 2016

 2016-01 32 New ideas for sweets and snacks (824.5 KiB)

Fairs and exhibitions
New ideas for sweets and snacks
Over 300 companies will be presenting techniques and solutions for the production and packing of sweets and snacks at ProSweets Cologne 2016 from 31 January until 3 February 2016. In order to consolidate the trade fair's profile in the area of snacks as well, the subheading now reads: the international supplier fair for the confectionery and snacks industry.

 2016-01 36 Fitting in the lifestyle (901.8 KiB)

Fitting in with the lifestyle
So-called farmer’s markets are an ideal sales outlet for medium-sized bakeries

 2016-01 40 A senior Experts mission (518.6 KiB)

International Cooperation
A Senior Expert’s mission
Hans-Herbert Dörfner worked for 48 years. He is a master baker, confectioner and chemical engineer and was, among other things, CEO of Meistermarken GmbH Getreidetechnik* in Neu-Ulm for more than 20 years. Pensioner Dörfner has been employed on another mission since 2009: as Senior Expert at SES he supports bakery businesses – worldwide and on a voluntary basis.

 2016-01 44 Online food-a challenge (417.2 KiB)

Online food – a challenge?
It is clear to Cyrille Filott, Global Strategist Consumer Foods at the Rabobank in the Netherlands, that online food will change the retail landscape and that this will also confront manufacturers with entirely new challenges.

 2016-01 48 Crustless bread baked with a lot of steam (291.7 KiB)

Workshop visit
Crustless bread baked with a lot of steam
Bakers are among the most popular snack vendors. If a baked snack is to be offered warm and on the spot, the oven technology needs to be flexible, easy to use and above all fast.

 2016-01 50 Innovation in dough preparation-Ultrasound-based density measurement(477.0 KiB)

Innovation in dough preparation: Ultrasound-based density measurement
Density measurement is outstandingly important in dough assessment, and plays a decisive role when monitoring the dough production process.

 2016-01 54 Breathing more personality into brands (494.7 KiB)

“Breathing more personality into brands”
Some employ racing drivers, others footballers or ski jumpers. But what do companies expect from such image campaigns? baking+biscuit asked Eva Radosavac, Marketing Director of Kamps GmbH, which recently started organizing poetry slams in its branches.

 2016-01 57 United Bakeries sold (86.2 KiB)

United Bakeries sold
In a simplified procedure the Czech anti-trust office has granted permission to Moulins de Kleinbettingen S.A., Luxemburg, to increase their shareholding in Bakeries International Luxembourg S.A., thus becoming the majority shareholder in the Czech market leader United Bakeries.

 2016-01 58 News (469.7 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2016-01 62 Baking performance of glutathione in yeasts (281.1 KiB)

Baking performance of glutathione in yeasts
Effect of yeast-equivalent amounts of glutathione on the baking process.

 2016-01 66 The personnel consultant (358.8 KiB)

The personnel consultant
Jürgen Ludt is Senior Consultant for Contacts & Management Recruitment Services in Düsseldorf, Germany, and has specialized for ten years in the particular personnel recruitment needs of the baking and confectionery industry. His business fields are in the areas of frozen products and minimum shelf life sensitive freshness.

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