baking+biscuit international 01-2015

baking+biscuit international 01-2015:

published in February 2015

From the content:
+ Ingredients: Rye - the hidden champion
+ Stronger together: Diosna is taking over Isernhäger
+ In-store ovens: The controller is the key

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 2015-01 01 Title (118.5 KiB)

baking+biscuit international 2015-01

 2015-01 02 Editorial (252.8 KiB)

Time for more research
Someone said recently that innovations in the food industry merely consist of using new flavors or choosing new shapes, or words to that effect. I have been asking myself for some time what real novelties have emerged in the food sector in the past few years.

 2015-01 04 Content (108.1 KiB)

Topics of baking+biscuit international, issue 01-2015

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 2015-01 05 News (85.9 KiB)

Up-to-date news from the baking industry
You will find here the most important news about personal data, raw materials, dates, food market, suppliers, research, retailers etc. etc.! 

 2015-01 06 A clear message (326.1 KiB)

Current topics
A clear message
WP Lebensmitteltechnik and WP Service have a new executive director, Stephan Krauss, who has clear ideas about future action in Dinkelsbühl.

 2015-01 08 Kitzinger Maschinenbau Flensburg Handewitt (472.9 KiB)

Workshop visit
Kitzinger Maschinenbau, Flensburg-Handewitt
Many people still regard washing transport crates as a troublesome duty. At the same time, however, it’s a quite exciting part of the production process, as our visit to Kitzinger shows.

 2015-01 12 Out of conviction (272.9 KiB)

Organic baked products
Out of conviction 
Moin – a frozen baked products manufacturer from Glückstadt, an organic baker out of conviction and a company whose concept of itself includes not only modern technology but also eurhythmy.

 2015-01 14 Stronger together (607.9 KiB)

Current topics
Stronger together
Diosna is taking over IsernHäger, and in the process is thinking mainly of a combination with biotechnology and the new opportunities in export markets that arise from this.

 2015-01 16 The new generation of bakers (607.9 KiB)

Refrigeration technology
The new generation of bakers
Artisan skill instead of empty traditionalism, self-assurance and openness to change – the Backhaus Dries GmbH in Rüdesheim am Rhein is a prime example of how artisan baking can be lived successfully in Germany

 2015-01 20 Rye-the hidden champion (138.1 KiB)

Rye – the hidden champion
Rye is a cereal species to which little attention is paid but which nonetheles has great potential for flavor variety.

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 2015-01 22 How much salt is in a pizza (108.7 KiB)

How much salt is in a pizza?
Worldwide studies show big differences in the salt content of pizzas

 2015-01 24 Industry Conference in Freising (231.6 KiB)

Industry Conference in Freising
The team at the WIG (Weihenstephan Institute of Grain Research) has issued an invitation to various events to be held in Freising. High-caliber speakers promise interesting insights into current research results, foodstuffs law and automation.

 2015-01 26 Less energy input-more product quality (146.6 KiB)

Less energy input – more product quality 
To manufacture an optimum laminated dough sheet it is important not to damage the dough and fat layers during the process. The ASTec laminating line made by the Swiss company RONDO Burgdorf AG, Burgdorf, achieves this by introducing as little energy as possible into the dough sheet during the lamination process.

 2015-01 28 Laminating line for crackers (261.4 KiB)

Laminating line for crackers
Reading Bakery Systems is one of the USA’s biggest bakery machine manufacturers and is part of the Markel Group. One of the company’s focuses is the plant construction of complete production lines to manufacture long-life baked products and crackers.

 2015-01 31 Stress-free round molding (129.4 KiB)

Stress-free round molding
The new Punch Rounder from the RHEON Automatic Machinery GmbH in Düsseldorf allows gentle round molding of dough pieces weighing from 300 to 1,200 g.

 2015-01 32 E-propulsion for the image (300.7 KiB)

E-propulsion for the image
Electric cars are somehow cool as well as being “sustainable”. Nevertheless up to now there are only a few delivery vehicles with an electric propulsion system to be seen in Germany.

 2015-01 36 The controller is the key (578.6 KiB)

The controller is the key
In-store ovens can be found nowadays both in retail branches and in bakery sales outlets. The requirements in terms of energy saving and intelligent controllers are increasing.

 2015-01 42 Baked products in Kazakhstan (744.9 KiB)

Baked products in Kazakhstan
Baked products are among the staple foods in Kazakhstan. Modern market structures are developing despite a rising level of competition and fluctuating raw materials prices.

 2015-01 46 Influencing the rheological properties of wheat dough part 1 (194.9 KiB)

Influencing the rheological properties of wheat dough – part 1
The properties of wheat dough are firstly the result of variety-specific genetic information. Secondly they result from so-called epigenetic effects of environmental origin due to soil, climate etc. which can, among other things, modify a variety’s DNA.

 2015-01 50 Process quality becomes product quality (253.4 KiB)

Process quality becomes product quality
How does a bakery business stand out from the rest of the market? What action must be taken when new processes are introduced? Bakery Consultant Thomas Lepold tackles these and other assignments. His specialist area: baking processes without baker’s yeast and additives.

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