Bread lines

The Kaak Group played a key role as a supplier to the Bergkirchen factory. The Group delivered not only three complete lines but also the dough make-up of the shop bread line, all the Teflon-coated bread pans, the entire bread conveying equipment to the packaging stations of lines 1-4 and partly for lines 5 and 6 (ciabatta and baguettes) as well as the entire conveying system for the transport crates.
The toast/sandwich bread line which can produce 6,000 toast breads and 4,500 sandwich breads per hour starts with the Dough Master by Benier. This is a five pocket dough divider with an unusually wide weighing mechanism (490 mm) for handling larger dough volumes. The five pockets ensure the smooth operation of the dough divider. A hopper with gate is positioned above the dough divider. This way the dough pressure on the blades of the dough divider is subjected to fewer deviations which promotes the weight accuracy. Downstream of the dough divider is the check weigher Dough Controller. Its data flow is linked to the software of the dough divider which allows the programming of not only nominal weights but also standard deviation tolerances.
The following Tall-Round is a combination of a cylindrical and a conical rounder designed for high performance and offering the possibility of introducing air which makes the dough surfaces less sticky. The line is completed by a pre-proofer, a belt moulder, a walk-in proofer for moulds and finally an MCS oven with two burners and a net baking area of 3.75 x 34 meters. The baked breads are then cooled down for two hours in a double spiral tower.
The Multi-Click line by Kaak is used to produce traditional mixed bread of different weights (500, 750, 1000 g). Up to four different baking pans are mounted on a square rod so that the current bread mould can be exchanged at the push of a button. Here again, a Dough Master by Benier performs the division and a belt rounder and a sheeter with a belt running in the opposite direction shape the bread. The sheeter can also function as a seeder, if necessary. The proofing takes place in a step proofer; for baking, a Daub multi-level thermo-oil oven is available.
In combination with the Herlitzius bread strand former, this line can also produce long bread loaves with a maximum length of 1,300 mm.
The third line, supplied by Kaak, is a pan bread line on which four different sets of pans are used for baking the products in an MCS oven. The dough make-up is done in a Dough Master by Benier. A short belt rounder and a sheeter with a belt running into the opposite direction shape the dough which is then placed into Teflon-coated mould sets in which they travel through the step proofer. A portal robot handles the pans including storage and acceptance of returned pans from the depanner. The pan storage is positioned above the oven.
All three Kaak lines are equipped with so-called human interfaces. 19” monitors at the line allow the operator to display the entire line, to localize, visualize and remedy possible errors and faults.

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